viernes, 7 de abril de 2017


Let's face the facts, Rei Asagiri's Castilian dub name is Sandra.
And Rei Asagiri is a badass.

The already famous performer Rei Asagiri. 
Rei is the Dark Feminine since she's an Ice Queen with Hotter and Sexier looks, quite a bit more of singing/performing experience under her belt and Dark and Troubled Past.

  • The Rival: Rei Asagiri, Tamura Productions' established star.
All I'm missing is the purple hair. And makeup to erase all those freckles.

When I say badass in this scenario, I am referring to a badass in, the kind of spotlight-stealing rival character who keeps you rooting for the Empire.
Yes, her Castilian name is Sandra. 
And she's also got a badass character song to rival Let it Go! Elsa, eat your heart out...
Larvae of all stages, Rei/Sandra (/Susi/Aurèle) Asagiri performing Unchained Heart!

I mean, if I was named Susi and lived in Italy, or Aurèle and lived in France, I would be equally honoured to be namesakes with such a Privileged Rival Hot and Sexy Badass with Tsurime Eyes...
(For her Mediaset dub names across countries are Susi in the Italian version and Aurèle in the French)

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