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Two households, both alike in dignity,
in fair Westeros, where we lay our scene,
once more renew their ancient enmity,
and thus, quite soon few hands are left all clean.
From both the fatal lines of these two foes,
a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life:
their sorry misadventure overthrows
decades of warfare and ambitious strife.

Or, this bunny inspired by visual novels and Shakespeare. More exactly, otome games and Romeo and Juliet. Add several Sannister pairings --with Sansa and several Lannisters-- to the mix, et voilà!

So Green, So Quick, So Fair an Eye begins with a prologue, the same for all plot strands, in which Arya and Sansa sneak, by Arya's initiative, into a Lannister ball; the younger sister dressed as a black cat and the latter as a bluebird. During the ball, Sansa meets several good-looking young men with golden hair and green eyes (even the Imp gets a little pimp-out; he looks like something in between an odd-eyed Hunny and Peter Dinklage), each and every one of them in turn, à la D'Artagnan. Returning home to Winterfell, Sansa cannot help but thinking that she has fallen for the enemy --and neither can each and every one of the Lannisters she has met...

From on there, it spins into different plot strands, each one with a different Lannister Romeo. Sansa is always Juliet, Arya combines the roles of Mercutio and the Nursemaid, Tywin is Lord Montague, Catelyn is Lady Capulet, and Ramsay Bolton out of all suitors is Count Paris!! Also secondary pairings like Jaimienne, Joff*Margaery, Tyrion*Shae, and Lorancel are introduced not only in the characters' titular strands, but also in subplots in other Romeos' strands, leading Sansa to either take her lover for her own or want him to be happy with another at the end of the day. Or it all may end like the Shakespearean tragedy all together...

Structure of So Green, So Quick, So Fair an Eye:
Prologue: At the Masked Ball
Joffrey: Happy Ending
Joffrey: Bittersweet Ending
Joffrey: Tragic Ending
Tyrion: Happy Ending
Tyrion: Bittersweet Ending
Tyrion: Tragic Ending
Jaime: Happy Ending
Jaime: Bittersweet Ending
Jaime: Tragic Ending
Lancel: Happy Ending
Lancel: Bittersweet Ending
Lancel: Tragic Ending

Each ending is a different kind of finale, allowing different kinds of storyline with different possibilities:
Happy Ending: Happily Ever After
Bittersweet Ending: I Want My Beloved to Be Happy
Tragic Ending: Together in Death

Maybe I am too obsessed with otome games and Sannister pairings... but this bunny is a rather tempting one, isn't it?

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