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The cruelty of oppression is when the strong tread the weak under their feet.

Henry van Dyke.


Remember the Inquisition.
Remember the Thirty Years' War.
Remember the victims of Fascism and Communism.
Remember the Balkans.
Remember the women and youth of the Middle East.
Remember, nowadays, the fate of Ukraine...

After decades of peace, there's war in Europe again.
We hope it doesn't extend westward, to our free countries.


For María Calzada and all the others who helped me, here is a poem about a Cavalier ensign which reminds me of Snoilsky's "Lützen":



“How can I tell,” Sir Edmund said,  “Who has the right or the wrong o' this thing?  Cromwell stands for the people's cause,  Charles is crowned by the ancient laws;English meadows are sopping red,Englishmen striking each other dead,—  Times are black as a raven's wing.Out of the ruck and the murk I see    Only one thing!The King has trusted his banner to me,  And I must fight for the King.”


Into the thick of the Edgehill fight  Sir Edmund rode with a shout; and the ring  Of grim-faced, hard-hitting Parliament men  Swallowed him up,—it was one against ten!He fought for the standard with all his might,Never again did he come to sight—  Victor, hid by the raven's wing!After the battle had passed we found    Only one thing,—The hand of Sir Edmund gripped around  The banner-staff of his King.
Henry van Dyke.

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jueves, 26 de junio de 2014


Kurogane Yoo & Fai D. Fluorite, from Tsubasa Chronicle

I do not own these pictures.

(The child next to Fai is his late twin brother Yuui)

Always cute. Never bettered.

Featuring Kobato and a Fujimoto plushie

 Hogwarts AU (Kurogane is a Hufflepuff and Fai is a Slytherin!)