jueves, 27 de abril de 2017


To every stage of life its issues.
Honestly, how many twenty-somethings haven't had their wisdom teeth taken out?
I mean, it hurt and it bled already when they popped up in my late teens (but that was the least of my concerns, compared to Maths and bullying...).
Now, at 25, I have undergone the fated surgery... and now I'm typing sans both my left wisdom teeth (fortunately, I've got none on the right side!!), restricted to a stay-at-home regime and to a diet of soup and fruit juice.
Without pain relief, it would feel like having taken a bayonet, or Robert Baratheon's hammer in a fit of rage, to the left side of the face. Luckily there are painkillers, so at least it feels like a mean hook; I mean, my left cheek is only more slightly swollen than the right (aside from redder and hotter)... It's NOT "like having the mumps but only on the left"!!
At least I can blog. At least I can still blog. And wish my readership never to undergo such excruciating pain...

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