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This little article I have made for the 23rd of April this year is about predictions and headcanons to be confirmed surrounding New Boy, Tracy Chevalier's preteen US retelling of Shakespeare's Othello!

Ian will be gay or bi.
'Cuz Iago is in my own headcanon, and Mimi is revealed by Chevalier to have had as hard a time as Emilia in the original tale. There may be possibilities for either O, Casper, or Rod, or all three, to have some ho-yay with Ian...
Dee's mother will be a widow/divorcée and an important person. And Dee will be her only child.
Well, the Takarazuka Othello version The Lost Glory already gender-flipped Desdemona's privileged single parent and Rule 63 works perfectly, with a mama bear anxious about losing her only daughter! I'm glad Chevalier gender-flipped this character as well, and I wonder if Dee's mum and dad issues will play a relevant role in her character arc...
Mimi's esper powers will come in handy.
And play a pivotal role in the story. We know she is an introvert because she fears others may reject her due to these powers, and that Ian is abusive towards her.
Ian will discredit Casper with a sugar rush.
So I thought... how will the drunken quarrel scene be handled with 12-year-olds instead of adults? This is one possibility that is more whimsical and unrealistic than the one below...
Ian will discredit Casper by exposing a nerdy or girly side of his.
Like the fact that the popular boy puts on make-up, or sleeps with plushies, or knows a lot about LotR/Star Wars! Now all we've got to do is wait and see how this plays out in the novel!
The lieutenancy will be replaced by a post in the student council.
Yet another theory I've got since the details on New Boy were released. More influenced by anime than by US school fiction, but it might nevertheless come true.
Blanca will have a tiff with Casper, in parallel to O's suspicions about Dee, following the pencil case affair.
I just love the scenes where Bianca has this row with Cassio and confronts him about the hanky... Whether there will be a breakup and make-up as in the original tale, it's still in the lap of Mrs. Chevalier.

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