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As I did in preparation for this just ended Giulio arc at the end of springtime, so I am doing for this right now beginning summer cour and corresponding Bilberry arc (or maybe we should say Ciel arc?). So far, only the titles known.

天才パティシエ!キラ星シエル!(Tensai pâtissière, Kiraboshi Ciel!) The Genius/Prodigy Pâtissière, Ciel Kiraboshi!

So... tensai (天才), genius (rendered in the fansub as "prodigy"), is a word often used in anime to describe an Ace character, to emphasize the formidable combination of their youth and skills.
The Ace is someone who is ridiculously good at what they do, whatever that happens to be, and everyone knows it. People look up to them, envy them, and are in awe of them. He or she has a reputation for doing the impossible, and may be Shrouded in Myth, as people are unable to separate their real accomplishments from unfounded rumors.
In a work revolving around a specific activity, any kind of Serious Business, the Ace will be the best at it. Other characters may refer to the Ace as "the best of the best" at this activity. In works lacking that sort of focus, they'll probably be extremely talented at everything.
The Ace is typically acting as the living embodiment of Always Someone Better. They'll drive other characters to greater efforts either out of envy or by inspiring them. As such, if they're a main character, expect them to be either The Rival or The Mentor. If they're a minor but reoccurring character, then they'll almost certainly be Hero of Another Story.

We know that she's in the same age group as the secondary-school Cures (again, because the latter were intended as audience surrogates)... let's see if she's good at more things than just pastry-making and speaking French, shall we? (Is she an all-round Ace as an artistic academic athlete?) Let's see if Ciel is, and if she will fill the slot of Aloof Ally that I intended. So far, two episodes to introduce Ciel; this one and the next... let's see how the rest of the summer cour unfurls!

Let's also see if Ciel becomes a Broken Ace...

He's tall, charming, strikingly good-looking, well-spoken in five different languages, and classically trained in even more instruments. He's the Big Man on Campus, former president of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council, valedictorian, and working on his doctorate in a scientific field that a peon like you can't even pronounceHe always wears a suit...until the eventual Shirtless Scene during his (strenuous) exercise routine, that is. He has a lovely smile.
But inside, he's an ugly, writhing mass of self-hatred and possibly Parental Issues.
Expect him to have at least one bizarre trait or ability that should not be overlooked, as well as an unhealthy attitude about love, life, and humanity in general. He most likely doesn't have anyone that loves or respects him for what he really is. This may be justified.

This character is usually male, but not always. Also, he may just be a perfectionist crumbling under his own standards. This guy has the same setup, but is more talented and wants to be the best, loved by all, and accepted. The debilitating personal issues which he's hiding are only getting worse because of being repressed and the stress of his efforts to excel, and these sorts of characters are prime Jerkass Woobie material.
See also The Ace, who's still better at everything but isn't so prone to mental disorders or emotional problems, and the Byronic Hero, who's just as awe-inspiring and brooding but lacks the charming, polished façade and is rarely presented as pathetic. For a plot wherein The Ace is revealed to have deep personal problems, see Broken Pedestal. Anyone who has experienced The Perils of Being the Best is likely to become this. Related to "Well Done, Son!" Guy if the child has accomplished much and gained much respect from other people. In case you haven't noticed, this has nothing to do with Asexuality.

In Real Life, this is rather common. Real people have flaws no matter how perfect they seem to be at first glance.

Nan desu to~!? Akachieru Shieru no Shōtai!
"What the... !? The True Form of Ciel, Revealed!"

Ciel is revealed to be a yousei -- and hopefully we'll get some backstory too. And get to know whether this Noir fellow is an overlord or an overlady... We had Lady Dyspear, and then we had male overlords like Kushe and Orba... so far, not even the face of the dark liege has been seen!

Yamete Jurio! Nikushimi no Kirakiraru!
"Stop Giulio! The Kirakiraru of Hatred!"

Ciel vs. Giulio: if our headcanon on their blood tie is right, the ensuing Cain vs. Abel scenario is a given. I wonder what will happen during their confrontation.

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