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Again... when did I last post a Westeros filk? And yes, this is another Tywin-centric one.
Suddenly, I thought that song Matryoshka by Sound Horizon, of which I had previously posted a Stannis filk, actually fits Tywin's character arc far better...
So, contextualisation:
Tywin and Joanna are both in their mid-twenties/thirties and on top of the wheel of fortune: not only is he the Right Hand of King Aerys --before his sanity slips-- but she's also expecting the twins.

Having clarified that, let's move down to the musical number itself!! Only so you know: the parts in italics are the sung ones.

Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King, Shield of Lannisport, and Warden of the West.

I am the de facto ruler of Westeros...
Ah, so stressed... there are so many scrolls to sign!!

Ladies and men of rank!
Wow, this year, everything's getting better all the time!
Today, we are going to offer you the story of my splendorous lifetime!
I would like to share the tragedies of my childhood and youth!
You will see this story will bring you surely to tears!

Seven Heavens, Seven Hells!
Now hear the tale Lord Tywin tells!
Listen closely and embrace, hanging at the edge of your seat!

We all lived in the Rock of Casterly, then as now still kissed by sun and sea...
However, those days' Westerlands were harsh lands, and our bannermen defied us...
I was the heir and eldest sibling, with other four that were left to my care...
There was no time for playing, I always kept saying, had to keep them all right there!

Destiny is like those nesting dolls of those you put within one another...
No matter how many you open, sorrow's always found inside!

Seven Heavens, Seven Hells!
What misery this tale foretells!
I never was a child... yet things would, as usual, worsen!

Azure sky and glittering ocean, the breeze played with our golden hair...
Now hold your sword arm ready, fix your legs quite steady! Soon, you will go to war!
My only sister's suitors were few and far between, she found no spouse!
Tie up your left arm, Genna! Sew right-handed, and you'll soon bring honour to our house!

Life for me is like those nesting dolls of those you put within one another...
No matter how many you open, pain is always found inside!

Now, everyone... get ready with your handkerchiefs! You have only heard the prelude so far;
now comes the real catastrophe!

Shortly after my younger brother saw the light,
the lady of the keep fell ill; she was laid in state...
Losing the one he loved broke our father's heart;
he would drown his sorrows in drink and debauch'ry...

Too steep were the stairs (too steep) for his weary limbs to climb (to climb)...
It took just an instant for him to fall down!!

Soon, the burden of lordship was thrust on me...
just a weak-willed drunkard's heir, fallen to disgrace...
Towards his bedchamber, one day, up the stairs,
soon his weary heart did fail, and backwards he reeled...

Too steep were the stairs (too steep) for his weary limbs to climb (to climb)...
It took just an instant for him to fall down!!
To fall down!!

Ty-win!! Ty-win!!

TYWIN (raising his head from the documents he's reading):
Oh, Joanna!
My beloved rightfully wedded wife...
It takes just your lovely charms to bring a smile to Lord Tywin!!

Oh, you silly little twit! How's your work going?

As smoothly as smooth can be!
How about we have a little rest now, shall we?
Of course, yes indeed, thank you, thank you too...

All right, ready to have a rest, as soon as I have signed this one...

Reading, and signing, and advising His Grace;
it all may be tiresome, yet worth the pain...
"That upstart Lannister should really take his time,
and never put such a hard strain on himself!"

And still, in spite of all the hardships,
you have never given up...

Reading, and signing, and advising His Grace;
this daily routine is the same every day...
"That upstart Lannister's too hard on himself..."
They whisper I am a fool behind my back...

In spite of that, I understand...
I'll always be by your side!

I am not here to receive gold, or fame, or fortune!
I am not here to be renowned throughout the Known World!
That has never in my life been 
at all my objective!
What kind of ending have the Gods in store?
One happy or tragic?
We shall raise the Lannister legend
back on the stage of Westerosi history!!

I was left as the leader
of a broken household...
So I became a cupbearer
at the Red Keep...
Even though the courtiers whispered
when I was without earshot,
I gave it all to do my duties;
the Crown Prince thirsted for me...

What supported both of us was the plight
of our fallen surname,
and the tales told by my lady mother
of when we were a Great House!!

Never at all fear the wrath of the Gods,
though they may seem cruel, wicked, partial, or unfair.
Never believe that their smile will always shine
upon those who struggle for their lives,
for 'tis how we are put to the test!

Impressive, isn't it?

Yes, a new side of yours I didn't know!

TYWIN (awkward, flustered):
Uh... I had never... before Joanna... I had never shown her that side of mine before!

Isn't it true?

Don't you think we have become a little too close to one another?

Life for me is like those nesting dolls of those you put within one another...
Still, in spite of all the hardships, we will always carry on.
Always carry on...

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