martes, 13 de junio de 2017


Omedetou, Yukari Kotozume!!
(Pardon us for not having realised it was the 11th of June)
That makes you a Gemini and the oldest of the pâtissière Precures at 18!
(18 may be maturity here in Europe, but Yukari'll have to wait two years more; the age of maturity there is 20)
Now what kind of gifts will she receive (aside from that macaron cake?)
  • From Shino Kotozume (her lady grandmother): Something elegant, like a new hairpin or fine silks.
  • From the secondary-school Cures: they barely know one another. Wonder if Aoi will give her the latest single from Wild Azüre?
  • From her fanclub: Many greeting cards and little gifts (wrapped macarons?) ad nauseam; acknowledging her status and the help that they've given her as informers, she will have to accept them.
  • From Akira Kenjo: a modest heart-shaped scarlet box of macaron-shaped chocolates or chocolate macarons. It's too early to put a ring on her, so maybe a box of home-made treats would be perfect!

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