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DAVID’s review

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    Is the analysis focused on the topic proposed for the assignment (the comparison of two characters in a novel where history repeats itself)? 
    Yes. The two who are compared are not the most obvious choices but the evaluation is very original. 
    Is there enough detail and/or are there enough quotations to support the analysis? 
    The Jacob/Esau contrast is compelling and the point about coincidence in time is very acutely made. To say that the examples chosen are typical of the whole stresses their importance in and beyond themselves. 
    Does the written assignment reflect a thorough reading and understanding of the novel? 
    The foregrounding of biblical parallels which might be too readily relegated, and their apposition to modern factors of capitalism and repression completes the kind of imaginative cycle that would have driven Gabito. 
  • Daniel’s review

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    ¿Sus planteamientos se centran en el tema de reflexión propuesto (comparación de dos personajes en una novela en la que la historia se repite)? 
    Si, se trata la relación entre dos personajes. 
    ¿Sus planteamientos se justifican mediante detalles y/o citas de la novela? 
    Si, pero el texto se enreda en sus simbologías y lirismos de forma innecesaria y confusa. 
    ¿El texto da cuenta de una lectura rigurosa de la novela? 
    Da cuenta de una lectura atenta, sí. 

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