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FUTURA IN SPAIN: or how I first met Futura as a child
It was the word Caja as it's written here, with a straight j and as that do not look like usual printed A:s.
I knew Futura would have to do with my other home country because of the IKEA catalogues... which leads us to the following section.

FUTURA IN SWEDEN: or where I came further in contact with her

Futura in Sweden: a ubiquous sight when it comes to road and street signs, aside from IKEA.

FUTURA IN GERMANY: where it all began.
Futura in Germany, its place of origin, here employed iconically by the University of Leipzig

Land of Ideas: in its native land, Futura's become part of the German national identity.

But already the VW logo back in Spain gave a clue I sidetracked completely.
Futura is a staple of the Volkswagen aesthetic, and it's German...

FUTURA IN THE ANGLOSPHERE: of filmmakers and ice cream

(Since we’re considering type fonts, it is no accident that both the IKEA böring and the Häagen Dazs logo are set in a bold Futura, designed in Bavaria in 1928 by Paul Renner. Futura seems ideally muscular and, well, Germanic — tailored to the umlaut.)

Wes Anderson shares my passon for Futura. Notice the writing on RIVE GAUCHE.

Earlier artistic filmmaker Kubrick loved Futura as well.
DA DA DAAAA DA DAAAA... (Also Sprach Zarathustra)
This iconic opening scene leads us to our next section -- how Futura literally took to space!

FUTURA ON THE (EARTH'S) MOON: where no font has gone before
Yes, this plaque is on the Moon, and it's real!

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