domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017


Well, in the second fortnight of this month we've got the local fête here in Castellón and that all-star cast live action musical Beauty and the Beast (with my Obi-Ewan as Lumière and many other stars... SQUEEEE), but in April this year we'll get something more than Easter eggs and fluffy chicks... This March number of Desperta Ferro Historia Moderna sheds spotlight on Borodino and Kutuzov, but, skimming the final page for a preview of next month's April issue...
I got the flutters once more...
Reaction of awe and excitement exactly when I realized Ewan McGregor would star as Lumière.
I had been waiting and praying and wishing for this military history series to cover Gustavus Adolphus, obviously.

Abril 2017: N.º 27: Gustavo Adolfo y la Guerra de los Treinta Años
  • Suecia ante la Guerra de los Treinta Años por Lars Ericson Wolke (Försvarshögskolan)
  • Suecia y la revolución militar por David Parrott (University of Oxford)
  • Gustavo Adolfo: entre el mito y la historia por Paul Lockhart (Wright State University)
  • Las campañas de 1631 y 1632 en Alemania por Davide Maffi (Università di Pavia)
  • El Ejército sueco por Steve Murdoch y Alexia Grosjean (University of St Andrews)
  • La batalla de Lützen (6 de septiembre de 1632) por Daniel Staberg
  • El final de la guerra y las consecuencias para Suecia por Peter H. Wilson (University of Oxford)

So we'll segue from one month to another, from March to April and from Enlightenment France to Saxony the century before, with such a constant tachycardia that recovering after seeing that 18th-century musical period piece EPIC that will be B&tB 2017... Already the trailers give me the flutters... and now I think I'll get the flutters even more with Gustavus Adolphus...

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