jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017


Due to my recent 25th birthday (on the 31st of January), I have decided to share with my dear readership some interesting facts about yours truly:

Miss Dermark is left-handed.
Miss Dermark's first name is Sandra (right, this fact, like the previous, should be known to followers of this blog) and her middle name is Elena.
Miss Dermark takes iron supplements, especially when she's got the period. She also eats raisins regularly for the same reason.
Miss Dermark is a self-talker. Yes, she talks to herself. Thanks to this blog, this habit has luckily decreased.
Miss Dermark is onion intolerant; even the odour of onions makes her wince and, when it's really intense, vomit.
Miss Dermark has always been terrible at Maths, especially struggling with sign errors.
Another hobby of Miss Dermark's is finding patterns in the countless freckles that dot her face and limbs. So far, she has found Orion, Cassiopeia, both Ursae, and a series of constellations of her own invention, like the Wombat and Mrs. Potts.

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