lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017


Eglon was not the only enemy ruler with an inherently funny name in the Bible. Deuteronomy gives us the far shorter and easier to spell Og (pronounced as in Mike, Lu, & Og). The only thing Og is noted for is being in possession of a massive iron bed:

For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon (Ammonites)? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.

Given that a cubit, as seen in my review of the Ehud and Eglon story, would equal half a meter in decimal measures, the bed would be 4.50 m long and 2 m wide. However, Deuteronomy does not mention the height of the bed of Og. Which I would need to get the whole big picture. Given the proportions, I can only estimate that the bed of Og would be 1.5 m, or three cubits, high.
In other words... what a big bed it would be!

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