jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017


If you are fond of Monty Python and/or edutainment, feel free to take a peek at this episode of Hercules (the animated series): it opens with Eric Idle telling the Prometheus story in an upbeat patter song with typically Disney visuals, which makes it my favourite retelling of the myth: 
Prometheus, the most enlightened, was the brightest of the Titans, 
saw us stumbling in the night, decided that we needed light! 
He incurred the gods' revengeful ire for stealing their great secret fire: 
up to heaven, one fine day, lit a torch from the sun and ran away! 
He gave this gift so me and you could enjoy a summer barbecue, 
so food is not a dreadful bore, we eat it cooked instead of raw! [···] 
To pluck the harp and twang the lyre, and found the world's first Grecian choir, 
map out the heavens, study Maths, come home and have a nice hot bath. 
Our forefathers were overjoyed; the gods were fearsomely annoyed: 
guess the pain they went and did to this prominent Promethean kid! 
The punishment was grim and dire for stealing this great gift of fire; 
they chained him to a rock -absurd!- pecked up by a giant bird... 
And, pecked for all eternity, Prometheus alone 
nailed to a rock for all to see; he is no Rolling Stone! 
How could this kindly Titan giver live without his precious liver? 
Every night, despite the pain, his liver would grow back again! 
And every dawn of every morn, that eagle would return to pluck 
his organ out and eat it up; oh yuck, oh yuck, what rotten luck!
In the episode, as in the real-life myth, Hercules disposes of the eagle and sets Prometheus free. But the highlight is definitely Eric Idle's Prometheus song! 

The most relevant fact to remember is that it's a Monty Python song (aside from being a Disney song), in fact, Idle himself wrote the tune AND the lyrics, makes it even better, with that typically Pythonesque brand of black humour. To make it even clearer, I first got to know the Prometheus story from its lyrics and visuals! Monty Python+patter songs+edutainment (as in the Oliver Cromwell and Milky Way songs)=always a winning combination.

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