lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017



When our summer is finally over, the snow will silently fall
I would love to be sweet and good for you a little more.

In the silent bachelor flat the clock is waving goodbye
Outside the streets are noisy, loud is the cheering, the cry.

Do you hear the music, d'you hear the sound of the horn?
They are crying "alert", they're crying "forward, go on".

Lie on my shoulder, by night you can be someone else's darling, 
By night the regiment will move on, by night I'll also get going.

As the dusk falls, our regiment is marching
Kiss me one last time sweetheart, who knows where we are going.

By the gentle campfire the regiment stops for a breath
The lieutenant cannot sleep, he asks for paper and pen.

At home someone waits for him, he thinks he can hear her cry
With his head on his arm, he silently begins to write.

The next day, on the hospital-bed, the poor lieutenant lies
The bullet hit his lungs, there is no hope for life.

"Doctor, I wish to write, though I don't even know why,
I wish to see a girl, who by now probably isn't even mine."

Doctor, for the love of God, give me back my uniform,
I won't lie on this bed, I'll defend my Hungarian home."

"You cannot leave" the doctor says "You are still sick, sir"
The lieutenant, in the dead of night, escaped from the hospital.

The sun goes down in blood, the battle is over, 
The priest is praying at the lieutenant's stretcher.

The silent encouraging the lieutenant can hear no longer,
His soul goes to heaven as his heart beats in fever.

The post brings a letter about the lieutenant's end
The captain reads it and then silently says:

"Tell the girl to not wait for his lieutenant
Here they are digging his grave, digging his eternal bed".

The drums are sounded, the night quietly falls, 
But that someone weeps at home, not one knows.

In the silent bachelor flat a beautiful girl died
She stabbed a blade in her heart, and followed her lieutenant.

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