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DAVID’s review

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Is the analysis focused on the reflection topic proposed for the assignment (comparing two of the three stories we read this week: “Tuesday Siesta”, “One of These Days”, and “Big Mama’s Funeral”)? 
I would have thought Mamá Grande and the Thinkery offered little scope for comparison as opposed to contrast, until this review showed otherwise! 
Is there enough information and/or are there enough quotations from the stories to support the analysis? 
What was it Gabo said to Rabassa? - I feel as if I've endured a bout with the heavyweight champion of England! Maybe too much [hypotext - from which you could derive too much]. El despensero se acercó a Gerard. - Perdóneme, señor... pero es que ha muerto Tom Cribb – dijo. - Pero, ¿qué dice? – intervino Hornblower. No recordaba que hubiese nadie a bordo que respondiese al nombre de Tom Cribb... Ni tampoco conocía la razón por la cual un despensero debía dar parte a un teniente de la baja sufrida. (Hornblower en España, 167). 
Is this assignment a reflection of a rigorous reading of the stories? 
Nearly as many as Melquiades! I'm unfazed by the amount of homework set. Really enjoyed reading this! 

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