domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016


  • In Yu Gi Oh Zexal Mr. Heartland has two henchmen named Gauche and Droite. Their names are French for "left" and "right", respectively, with is fitting because Gauche is Heartland's "left hand" while Droite is his "right hand". It also reflects that they are opposite sides of the same coin; Gauche is fiery, energetic, and high-spirited, while Droite is calm, collected, and cold. Their dub names, Nistro and Dextra, also reflect this. "Nistro" is short for "sinistro", which is Italian for "left-handed", and "Dextra" comes from "dexter", means "female right-handed" in Portuguese.
  • Dr. Faker from ZEXAL, one of two Big Bads in the first season, is later revealed to be an Anti-Villain and Well-Intentioned Extremist and being Good All Along; he's nothing more than an Unwitting Pawn to Vector.

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