domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2016


The Crystal Queen will have the five-act structure of Shakespearean drama, with a prelude at the start. Here is the summed up structure with settings of the scenes of The Crystal Queen, giving which stories of the Andersen tale correspond to each act, as well as lowed-out characters and the treatment of their roles.
  • Prelude - The Queen's Fortress - Story the First (the mirror-maker sorcerer's role is given to the Snow Queen, just like in the Atamanov film) in the Andersen tale.
  • Act I - University Campus - Story the Second
  • Act II - Flowerchild Commune - Story the Third
  • Act III - Country Club - Story the Fourth (the ravens' roles are split between gossipy socialite voiceovers and country club staff)
  • Act IV - On the Road Across the Mountains - Stories the Fifth and Sixth (the roles of the robber maiden, her leader mother, and the Finn woman are conflated into one composite character, Asha)
  • Act V - The Queen's Fortress (now revealed to be a railroad wagon in the winter snow) and the Homeward Journey (all the way back to campus).

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