domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016


Gowiath of Gath, with hith hewmet of bwath,
wath theated one day upon the gween gwath,
when up jumped young David, a thervant of Thaul,
and thaid 'I will thmite thee, although I'm tho thmall.'

Young David then took thmooth thtoneth from the bwook
and fathioned a thing with pietheth of thtring.
He thkilfully thlung one and let the thtone fly
and caught old Gowiath a thmack in the eye.

Gowiath then thwore with might and with main:
'Bwank bwank bwank bwank bwank' and 'bwank bwank' again.
He thwore till awound him the thky wath quite bwue.
He thwore all the old oneth and made up thome new.

Then David thtepped up and dwew out hith thord
as Gowiath gathped hith latht upon the gween thward.
He thtood on hith thoracth and cut off hith head,
and all Ithrael shouted 'Gowiath ith dead.'

Sung to the tune of 'O worship the King' (Hanover), in a very slurred voice, as if drunk.

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