sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016


1) Make a wish for the fourth book of the Waterfire Saga (I've got the third book in German, which I got in Warnemünde, and I will soon write a review; including Destrid shipping [My Waterfire OTP], more info on Astrid's lesser-known comrades, Astrid getting into serious trouble --we're talking the Stark kind of family issues--, Ondalinian geography and culture, Ondalinians speaking Swedish and German... Gaaawds, I should type my review for Book 3 sometime around here) to come to me.
2) Finish up my FutureLearn courses (on moons, histology, abdominal anatomy, and the Great War).
3) Write more posts in Spanish, Catalan, and Swedish.
4) Something something yadda yadda fourth centennial yadda yadda...  ***inintelligible***
5) Will there be a Westeros fairytale this Christmas, as usual? Maybe, maybe not.

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