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The Crown of Twelve Stars

Disclaimer: This is an analysis of the EU symbol according to my own opinion.

The heart chakra is green; the colours of the European Union's visual symbol make up green, a neutral colour made by combining deep blue and golden yellow, impulse and reason, power and knowledge, fire and ice, as one. The concordia discors of two complementary halves of a whole becoming one. Lava quenched by water becoming fertile soil, as fiery golden and icy blue become life-giving, hopeful green. This may, to put an easy example, stand for the Protestant North and the Catholic South joined together: not the discourse of power or that of knowledge, but both of them united as the discourse of LOVE. No longer ruled by one's gut or one's mind, but by one's heart. Returning to the blissful state of children at heart, before the trappings of either logic/reason or so-called serious fun, or both, corrupt our souls. Finding the middle way rather than the far left or far right, both equally destructive.
Furthermore, this fourth chakra of love is represented as a twelve-petalled green flower containing a Star of David. Not only does the Crown obviously encompass twelve stars arranged in a circle at equal length, but these can be connected to make a star dodecagon pattern composed of two overlapping Stars of David.
No matter how many the member states, the stars will always be twelve, a symbol of perfection and fulfillment. There are and were twelve Olympians, twelve disciples, twelve zodiac signs, twelve months... and even chicken eggs are sold by the dozen and/or half dozen.
The sixth card of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, closes a circle. So does the twelfth card, The Hanged One. The former deals with the theme of choices, emotions, and free will; the latter with that of sacrifice, staying true to oneself, and a worldview U-turn. Both of these thematic constellations coincidentally mirror one another.
The unstruck or innocent chakra is ruled by Venus, which is represented by, among other symbols, the pentacle (the usual child's "star" or "starfish" five-pointed shape). All twelve stars of the Crown are such pentacles. Furthermore, the sephirah of Venus is Netzach, Victory (for more info see Venere splende!, my article on Othello as the symbolic story of the breaking and reforging of relational bonds), Victory over "was die Mode streng geteilt", not wrought by brute force or by calculating scheming, but rather by affectionate sharing and linkage/connection.
The Crown of Twelve Stars represents the metaphysical heart, the eye of the storm, the concord of the diverse. We always have this "unstruck, unhurt, innocent" part of us that we can return to, even in the midst of our troubles.

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