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Before we move on to the structure of the show, the characterization, playlists, attire... we'll give you the dramatis personae (first things first, after all) of this Andersenian retelling:

  • Regina Schierling, "the Crystal Queen", scientist and drug manufacturer
  • Gerda Blom
  • Kai Källström - hipster-like university students, childhood friends and lovers
  • More Students of various subcultures - spear carriers
  • Primrose
  • Rainbow (the token man, gay)
  • Anahata (dark-skinned female) - three drug-addicted Flower Children (two females and one male), stuck in the 60s in their commune, similar to Fillmore's Organic Fuel Dome
  • More drug-addicted Flower Children - spear carriers
  • Edmund (Kai lookalike, but left-handed instead of right-handed)
  • Lucy - nice, cultured socialites, tennis players: a betrothed couple
  • Peter
  • Susan - vain, shallow socialites; opposing team to Edmund and Lucy in the mixed doubles match
  • Country Club Staff - spear carriers
  • Asha, leader of the biker gang
  • Grrrilla (dark, hefty thug)
  • Rangatang (red-haired, skinny thug) - her right-hand and left-hand man
  • More Bikers - spear carriers

The following parts will be played by the same actors/actresses (not to mention the spear carriers, who act always as extras and Greek chorus) on stage (the dreamcast for the screen version will mean more actors, and thus, no reprising roles):

  • Anahata/Lucy
  • Rainbow/Peter/Grrrilla
  • Edmund/Rangatang
  • Primrose/Susan/Asha

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