lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2016


So now it's time to meet the inspiration for the characters! I will discuss them according to their corresponding Story, in chronological order, during the course of this week, thus during this order:

Monday the 5th - Gerda and Kai
Tuesday the 6th - Flower Children
Wednesday the 7th - Tennis Players
Thursday the 8th - Asha and her Thugs
Friday the 9th - Crystal Queen
Weekend - Spear Carriers (chorus/backup roles)

So now we focus on Gerda and Kai --Gerda Blom and Kai Källström, briefly known as Cora and Sky until this project rebooted.

Both of them are university students in their late teens, blond (she is strawberry blonde, he is ashy blond) intellectuals dressed in black tennis shoes --his attire is more bohemian and hers is tomboyish/sporty-- Gerda's eyes are green, while Kai's are steel-gray. She is a petite girl, while he is a stripling of a young man... both of them charming in a special way.
Both Gerda and Kai like classic literature like Shakespeare and Voltaire, and other manifestations of high culture. Childhood friends since both of them are only children and have always been classmates with a nerdy streak, they have always grown up as thick as thieves. While he is reserved and shy and thoughtful, she is outspoken and impulsive and so honest that she is blunt.
Recently, they have become aware of their feelings for one another; but he is too awkward to confess to her. The invite to the Manoir des Miroirs, the new in nightclub on campus, changes it all when the drug he has absorbed saps him of all his feelings and clouds his thoughts...
Now it's Gerda's turn to save her friend's life; this proves a quest with many twists and turns, harder than she had expected... but she's got the determination and the hot blood (as hot as the surface of the Sun) she needs to warm his heart and restore him to the light!

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