martes, 11 de marzo de 2014


Falance went for a soldier, and we joined the war. 
"The war?" 
Well, I was what they call a camp follower. I helped with the wounded and robbed corpses. You know, I have always admired the ravens, and it is much the same sort of life. Also battle is exciting, though stupid, like a stampede of elk. As for Falance, you know he loves to kill - it is his nature - and I did not want to deny him. He made a fine-looking soldier too, with a plume, dangling cartridges, and boots to the hip, his mustache waxed to point and his hair in tight braids. We were of the White Dragoons. Seven years we followed the drum, and then some doctors noticed that their patients died while mine lived and kept their limbs, and an accusation was lodged against me, and we had to desert.

This part of a novel is haunting me since years ago. I decided to do a fic set in the 30YW Swedish camp with traits of Mrs. Forest's experience, Mother Courage, and adventure novel. But I didn't know how to piece it until this day. In my Game of Thrones 30YW AU, the character arc of Margaery Tyrell fits partially that of Mrs. Forest, though guilt for Renly's death is the catalyst that makes it all resurface.

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