lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014


The eighth episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure is here, and the name of the Empire's third general (the military man) is revealed (In addition, we also had a taste of Wild West and French Pretty Cure teams [the Bomber Gals and Cure Merci, respectively]. C'était si inespéré!!).
You know "Loulou" is actually named Hosshiiwa (from "wish"), but did you know "Gerhard" is actually named... Oresky (a pun on "ore suki", "I love myself", and Russian surnames)?

He sure knows how to make an entrance.
The excedeeingly self-confident General Oresky is proud of his rank and his duty, loyal to his queen, outspoken, conscious of his worth and his good looks, and merciless towards the Precure enemy (a true Aries, IMHO). So far, he has only met his Waterloo in the guise of the mysterious and reserved Cure Fortune, and it looks like he is determined to seek revenge.

For those who are curious, here are the Texan and French Cures:
Blonde cowgirl, Pippi-like sheriff and albino First Nations...

Cure Merci, in Rococo-inspired attire.
Cure Merci's weapon of choice is this paintbrush.

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