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Alice of Human Sacrifice/Hitobashira Alice

“Hitobashira Arisu”, Englished as “Alice of Human Sacrifice”, is a Vocaloid song written by Yugami-P (both melody and lyrics). The narrative lyrics tell a four-part story with an introduction. Part of the lyrics, translated by the author of the fic herself, have been incorporated into the narrative, as the introduction and the opening of every chapter.
The lyrics resemble the typical “allegorical kunstmärchen (literary fairy tale)” in that they allow more than one interpretation of characters and scenarios.

Full lyrics, translated by the author of the fic

Once upon a time, there was a little dream.
It was such a little dream, that it is still unknown who dreamt it.
The little dream didn’t want to pine away in the shade, completely unnoticed.
So the little dream thought, and thought, and came up with a great idea.
“I should let humans come to me, and have them create their own worlds!”

The first Alice was a gallant one.
Sword in hand, she entered Wonderland…
Slashing all her enemies whatever it may take,
leaving a crimson pathway of blood in her wake.
This Alice was lost in the dark wood,
and there, like the sinner she was, she disappeared for good.
Aside from the trail of blood that’s seen through the mist,
there is no more evidence that she really does exist.

The second Alice was a gentlemanly one.
Singing a song, he entered Wonderland…
He filled up his inner void with all that’s bright and fair,
and a new world of his own was due to spring up there.
This Alice loved picking the roses brightly red.
Slain by a cross-eyed madman, who wished to see him dead.
Crimson roses blossomed from the wound in his chest,
and, even after death, he is beloved and he’s blessed.

The third Alice was a beautiful young girl,
the fairest and dearest one to enter Wonderland…
She charmed many people to her every beck and call,
and thus rose a sweet kingdom that would rise above them all.
This Alice was the Queen of Wonderland,
troubled by a hectic dream that never would be banned.
She feared that her good looks would soon fade away in vain,
ironically, while she had reached the peak of her reign.

Following the little red pathway through the wood…
Resting by the rose trees, that will sure do us good…
Then came an invitation to the royal court…
What was that, but the Ace of Hearts?

The fourth Alice was a couple of siblings.
Out of curiosity, they entered Wonderland...
On through many gateways, past many scenes and lives.
They’re together the latest Alice who arrives.

The brave and plucky little sis, the clever wicked older bro,
they were the closest ones to come where the story should go…

Both of them, however, from their dream will not awake.
Now they’re trapped in Wonderland for tragedy’s own sake.

The author has previously written three Vocaloid fusion fics (ut supra) that cast the Vocaloids (the Kagamine siblings in leading roles) as characters in lesser known fairy tales, before writing an reverse of her classical fusion fandom: non-Vocaloid characters to a Vocaloid song. Thus, the fusion fic “Alice of Westeros Sacrifice” doubles as a song fic.

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