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How does Stannis Baratheon spend an ordinary day at Dragonstone?

Some fans rooting for the Lobster King (OK, he's got supporters in the real world! have maybe found the answer):

4:30 Wake-up, calisthenics, bathe
5:30 Light breakfast
5:45 Update from Davos about latest events
6:00 Plan tonight's Lord of Light event
7:00 Crush next pretender to the throne
9:00 Update on roof repair 
10:00 Whine about how Renly got Storm's End instead of me
11:00 Complain about how Robert made Eddard Stark Hand instead of me (or perhaps complain about how he loved Ned better than me?)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Grumble about Robert disrespecting my marriage and my marriage bed by fathering Edric Storm
14:00 Pick up Selyse's (the wife's) sept-burning dress from the dry cleaners.
14:15 Tell the Dragonstone dry cleaner that he missed a spot and refuse to pay until he finishes the job.
15:00 Practice flaming sword handling.
16:00 Instruct Selyse again that no, I am not celebrating Renly's nuptials so I'm not going to entertain the empty courtesy of a wedding present. Instruct florist about the same re: flowers for Robert's tomb.
16:30 Daily affirmation of messiah-hood with Melisandre.
17:00 A light dinner, with grilled fish and plenty of green vegetables. No dessert. 
18:00 Plot campaigns with model soldiers on the Painted Table.
19:00 Change working title of book from "His Lordship of Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon's Forms of Address" to "His Grace the King, Stannis Baratheon's Forms of Address". 
19:05 Work on draft of first chapter. 
19:45 Send raven to publisher to extend deadline due to impending civil war.
20:00 Lord of Light ceremony on the beach.
20:10 Punish retainer. A marshmallow is not the night's terror to be burned away by fire.

21:00 Walk the dog? No. Dragonstone has too little free space. Rather polish that first chapter.
(My own personal additions, not schedule made by other fans, from here on):
21:30 Target practice with daggers and picture of Renly.
22:30 Quality time with Shireen (daughter): Propagandistic storytelling, no games.
22:45 Kiss Shireen goodnight, then war council with closest officers.
23:30 War council goes on
0:00 Review of the garrison, then going to bed with Selyse while rallying at Robert, Renly, and all the world.
0:35 Sneak out into the war room, then spend the night there with Mel, making love on the Painted Table.

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