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This AU has nothing to do with a certain Ever After High AU... except that both are retellings of The Princess Bride, this one set in Westeros! The ending features a certain Star Wars-related twist, that I won't spoil at all!

And THIS retelling is starring my
OTP, to crown it all!!

The frame story is that of Isvan being ill with a fever in the Winterfyrst mansion on the outskirts of Sylveros, unable to meet his friends at the Waffleheart, and his mother bringing a book of a single old fairytale to cheer him up. At first Isvan is reluctant, but soon he is completely hooked...
In an alternate Westeros, estate heir Jaime loves teasing his maidservant. "Wench, bring me this or do that!" "Thy wish is my command!", she replies. Feeling out of his league, Brienne sails away to seek her fortune, being captured by the dreaded Euron Crowseye. Jaime has no other choice than accepting the marriage proposal of Queen Dowager Cersei. But the royal party is waylaid en route to King's Landing, and the bridegroom is captured by a swashbuckling Dornishman, a suave goateed gentleman, and Hodor (!). Then, a mysterious swordsman in blue appears to face off the trio of scoundrels, who have apparently got orders to start a war on Dorne using Jaime's death as the excuse... Add the Dornishman being after the person who ordered the death of his sister and nephews. Add torture, exciting duels, and the love triangle of the decade. How will this drama end?


  • Ailing Child: Isvan Winterfyrst
  • Mother/Narrator: Clariselyn Winterfyrst
  • Buttercup: Jaime Lannister
  • Westley: Brienne of Tarth
  • Crown Prince Humperdinck: Cersei Lannister
  • Count Rügen: Tywin Lannister
  • Íñigo Montoya: Oberyn Nymeros Martell
  • Fezzik: Hodor (plus Bran on his back)
  • Vizzini: Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish
  • Dreaded Pirate Roberts: Euron Greyjoy (Sir Not Appearing in Person)
  • Assistant to Rügen (albino in the original): Ramsay Bolton-Snow
  • Miracle Max & Valerie: Qyburn
  • "Mawwage" Archbishop: First High Septon
  • Jaime's Foster Parents: Bronn and Lollys Stokeworth

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  2. And LF as Vizzini, and Tywin as Rügen... your unfinished Snow Queen AU is cult, but I'm rather pleased with this one. Plus the gender flip you put on the original triangle... I'm longing for your Salgarian fic with love polyhedron to be published as well...

    1. I am in AWE upon reading whom you have recast as Íñigo. That part is just tailor-made for Oberyn!! <3 (Though Arya pleased me as well, Oberyn would fit...)
      And Come Undone, the Baratheon Saga and the Queen Beyond the Wall... Cult even after finished. Lord of Light...! I am still longing for this plot bunny to become a grown rabbit!
      I presume the AU will be set in an alternate Westeros.
      And that there will be swashbuckling, iocaine, torture, Hodor...
      (How will you handle the "land war in Russia" quote, for instance?)