domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014


"If Belle's brothers don't enlist in the 2014 live-action film, I'll eat a lemon", I once swore.
I've seen the film, and I know they didn't enlist. But I will NEVER eat that lemon.
For a good reason, and his name is Jean-Baptiste de Beaufrémont.
Jean-Baptiste de Beaufrémont: my new crush!

Jonathan Demurger's portrayal and voice, and Christophe Gans's script, breathe a new lease of life into one of Belle's older brothers, the second son in order of birth... through his struggles against robbers and woodland spirits, until his personal "happy ending" as successful co-owner of a printer's workshop, to dedicate his life to his passion.
For, to quote the novelization, he prefers literature to action. The first thing he says in the film is that he's got a trunk full of cahiers (notebooks) riddled with stories and drawings penned by his own hand. Now that didn't interest me that much until I listened to him reading his stories aloud, and thus, I found out what kind of stories he writes and illustrates... Here are a few excerpts from the novel he calls "his masterpiece":
"Defeated, his chest riddled with arrows, the youth left the battle. He fled the battlefield,  and sought shelter in the woods."
"Having vanquished the last enemies, the youth returned in triumph to his native land, where he was hailed by his people. The end."
Had he lived in our days, he would have been the author of Game of Thrones, or that of The Ringstetten SagaLike me, Jean-Baptiste writes military historical fiction and/or fantasy! Plus, he's young and dashing...

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