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When young Mistress Sansa of Winterfell fires her cryokinetic powers at her younger sister Arya, their parents take to desperate measures to protect their daughters' and their subjects' welfare.
Decades later, after Eddard and Catelyn have drowned in a shipwreck, a series of events endanger the lives of both sisters and everyone around them. Starting with the arrival of a dashing southern stranger at court and Arya's subsequent romance, that Lady Sansa does not hesitate to veto...
Let It Go is, essentially, Frozen in Westeros!


  • Anna: Arya Stark
  • Elsa: Sansa Stark
  • Royals: Eddard and Catelyn Stark
  • Hans: Joffrey Baratheon-Lannister
  • Kristoff: Jon Snow
  • Duke of Weaselton Weselton: Ross Boolton Roose Bolton
  • Olaf: Tyrion Lannister
  • Wandering Oaken: Jorah Mormont
  • "Marshmallow": Hodor
  • Sven: Ghost (Jon's white direwolf)
  • Trolls: Wildlings
  • Troll Leader: Ygritte
  • Random Archbishop: Septa Mordane
  • Foreign Dignitaries: Renly Baratheon (characterized as British), Loras Tyrell (characterized as French), Yara Greyjoy

Another Frozen AU, called Ablaze, that I have more recently made. Fluff, RenLoras, firebending Stannis, Tyrells as trolls...

  • Anna: Renly Baratheon
  • Elsa: Stannis Baratheon
  • Royals: Steffon, Cassana, and Robert Baratheon
  • Hans: Jaime Lannister
  • KristoffLoras Tyrell
  • Duke of Weaselton Weselton: Paster Deadwine Paxter Redwyne
  • Olaf: Melisandre
  • Wandering Oaken: Davos Seaworth
  • "Marshmallow": Melisandre
  • Sven: Loras's horse (named Caramel in this AU)
  • Trolls: Tyrells
  • Troll Leader: Olenna Tyrell 
  • Random Archbishop: Septa of Storm's End
  • Foreign Dignitaries: Ned Stark (characterized as British), Oberyn Martell (characterized as French), Yara Greyjoy, Brienne Tarth (winds up with Jaime in the end)

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