viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014


Some Rule 63 (gender-flip) fanart I made using Paint.
The title is a pun...
Rather well characterized, aren't they?
"Ennis" and "Renée", "Laura" and "Brian" were already on my mind for this.
 Male!Cersei is called "Jason" since Circe was a femme fatale in classical myth and the closest male character I could think of was the leader of the Argonauts, who left his magical girlfriend Medea to marry one Glauca (fittingly enough!).
Female!Jaime is called "Raquel" because "Jaime" is a form of "James/Jacob", whose favourite wife and soulmate in Genesis was "Rachel", "Raquel" in Spanish.
I made Lisander (male!Mel) a cardinal because this is supposed to be a priest in red. Plus, I wanted him to be Ennis's more than confessor (she is a Catholic as stand-in for Red Faith, Protestantism/freethought standing in for the Faith of the Seven). Plus, cardinals have the right to hear the confessions of any Catholic on earth... (recalling Richelieu, this isn't coincidental either).
If you look, Brian has RENÉE written on his rainbow shirt. He's like a guy-dyke or male fujoshi (yaoi fan).
Perchance I will post more genderbent GoT characters some other day... The Starks, and the Lannister children, perchance someone else...

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