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The fourth Alice was a couple of siblings.
Out of curiosity, they entered Wonderland...

They were both in the garden of their guardians' estate when their adventure started. They were both lilywhite, with soft hair the colour of platinum and periwinkle eyes.
The young siblings were foreigners and orphans of war. Their memories of early childhood, before the great debacle, were too vague and violent, and far behind them.
Viserys, the eldest, was a thoughtful and reserved youth, recently come of age. He was always distant, tense, as if longed for more than he already had.
Daenerys, by contrast, was a lively and upbeat girl, with a bright outlook on everything that happened around her.
He was reading the chronicles of a great war that had taken place centuries before. She didn't care to remember the names of all those lords of yore, whether slayers or slain. Restless, she would pull her brother's sleeves as a prank, at which point he'd get annoyed and wish her away without a word, but with a piercing glare.
Then, hopping past them came a white rabbit carrying an envelope. The young girl set off in its pursuit.
"Dany! Would you...?" No answer came. He decided to follow her down the rabbit hole.
They landed in a hall full of windows and doors, one of them made of swords and thorns, the other decorated with art nouveau-style copper roses, the third one golden and baroque, with a lion's head for a knocker and a direwolf's for a knob. The envelope lay on the table in the middle, the one with a thorn leg, an art nouveau rose leg and a baroque leg.
"Look, Visy! The letter!"
The seal was shaped like a heart and like a stag's antlers at the same time. Both siblings opened the letter at unison:
Thou art herefore invited
to an endless evening of pleasure
Queen Cersei Sansa Lannister
at her court of the Red Keep.
Thou shalt be duly rewarded.
They didn't know which way to go, but they could only open the door of iron and briars, and found themselves in the middle of the glistening fir woods. There, they heard the locals speak of a bloodthirsty lady knight, who wouldn't hesitate to slay anyone in her path to avenge the death of her liege lord. At the end of the woods, Visy and Dany stopped to rest at a chateau draped in black, with a beautiful garden full of spring flowers. Another couple of siblings, an auburn-haired maiden and a golden-haired youth dressed in black, met them by the tree that yielded copper roses. They told the fair-haired travellers the tale of a young ruler fond of beauty and love, yet slain because of his passions, and of the lady knight with eyes of blue and flaxen hair, banished to the woods by the owner of the rose garden for having been unable to protect their liege. They were given directions to get to the Red Keep, but they were warned that they wouldn't be that welcome at court.
The beautiful gardens gave way to a vast, endless grassland. A detachment of dark riders crossed their path. They escorted Dany and Visy to their camp, to introduce them to their leader. The stalwart warlord was dark-skinned, with a long raven braid. And he was wealthy enough to produce at least a golden crown for the Queen to accept the upstarts. But not for free.
So, Viserys saw his chance. He introduced Dany to the warlord and vice versa. "My sister in exchange for the golden crown". The fiancés didn't even know each other.
And periwinkle-eyed Visy got his golden crown indeed: the riders poured molten gold on his head, scalding him and stripping him of his platinum locks. While his little sister, not to be alone, married the warlord and became, after his untimely death, the leader of all the riders.
One day, the army she led would be vast enough to put the Queen's ranks to rout.

But who would become the next Alice?

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