lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014


  • The Stark children would have Eevees instead of direwolves. Ghost would be a silver Eevee.
  • Ygritte and the other wildlings would be depicted as Hokkaido Ainus.
  • Sansa Stark would act like Minako Aino, while Arya would look and act like Naoto Shirogane.
  • Brienne would look and act like Haruka Tenoh, AKA Sailor Uranus.
  • The Baratheons would run a zaibatsu, with the Lannisters as associates.
  • Stannis would be an overly devout Catholic, even resorting to penitence.
  • And Mel would be a nun who doubles as a miko (shrine maiden), with a secret identity (she'd look like Kaho Mizuki as a miko and like a penguin as a nun).
  • Renly would still love peaches (and peach buns). And his brother-in-law Loras, very like Yukito and Touya or Kurogane and Fai... or any other CLAMP shonen-ai canon pairing. 
  • Margaery would still be Renly's wife by proxy, a moe ojou not unlike Suiseiseki or Mayu Miyuki.
  • Theon Greyjoy would have a Kansai accent, and his relationship with Robb Stark would be more than implied (though still as the beta couple second to Renly and Loras).
  • Joffrey would be a dead ringer for Alois Trancy. Young, blond, spoiled, and wicked.
  • Both Lady Stark and Lady Arryn would be more attractive.
  • Shireen, Stannis's daughter, would be a cute/moe li'l girl with lizard skin syndrome, but still overly cute. Think Hotaru Tomoe or Tomoyo Daidoji with lizard skin syndrome.
  • So would Robin Arryn (but without the lizard skin). He'd look like a child Ciel Phantomhive...
  • Dany's dragons would be rather kawaii li'l critters, not losing an ounce of cuteness as they grow.
  • The same applies to the three-eyed crow in Bran's visions.
  • As for the eunuch and Littlef**ker, they would provide nothing but sexposition. And yes, Baelish, AKA "Littles", would be an oyaji pervo with a crush on Sansa.
  • And Hodor... he would still be able to say nothing but "hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor".

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