martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


  • Want to know who "Placid Sunday" or "Britania Lanzas" are? 
  • What is the English title of Aterriza como puedas
  • Is there "Iberian Prisoner" on the menu?
  • Does the Michael Jackson (RIP) lyric "Beat it" actually mean "go away"?
  • But, is the English equivalent of "el último mono" something along the lines of "the last ape"?

¡Este libro es la leche!
Easy English for the average Spaniards.
With songs, idioms, slogans, puns, jokes... by the dozen!

You always learn something new from my newest literary adquisition.
Remember "The Show must Go On?"
Well, Freddie wrote the lyrics shortly after he had been diagnosed. He knew he was sentenced to die young, but did that turn his spirits low?
The song is about carrying on in spite of all the hardships. Not only about being seropositive and staying positive. It's such a popular song because it encapsulates a feeling, a value, not unique to Freddie Mercury. Next time you listen, pay attention to the beautiful lyrics!

But to return to This Book is the Milk. You have punny sentences to translate (try this one: "Le hizo un calvo a la luna"). Lyrics galore (in my favourite section "Singermorning"). The puns from Regreso al futuro and Pulpas ficticias, lamentably lost in Spanish translation. Want to know what a French kiss is? (Mais oui!) How to understand the surname "Lightyear" (familiar to Pixar viewers)? Why Piglet was so filthy? (He used to play with Winnie the...) Or what does it mean to learn or teach someone the ropes?

To teach the ropes, "enseñar las cuerdas", is what this book is made for. Funny, ameno, musical... un must de la actual oferta literaria.

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