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The Camp Half-Blood books, recently brought to the silver screen, were written by Rick Riordan to encourage a son of his with ADHD into learning about classical mythology. Like Harry Potter, this series is set in a real world with masked supernatural (here, divine) elements.
In-universe, ADHD and Aspergers, and similar disorders, are hints to being a demigod, a half-divine and half-human hybrid (commonly conceived out of wedlock). Camp Half-Blood is an isolated woodland facility, very like a Hogwarts for demigods and other humanoid creatures (satyrs, nymphs, muses, centaurs) to train them in skills and shelter them from incomprehension in the outside world. The series also features lotus eaters, gorgons, Colchian bulls, cyclopes...! It brings the animated series Class of the Titans, sharing the premise, in recall!
I loved this series (classical myth Harry Potter premise)... and I write fandom, most commonly Big Four fandom, but also with me and my classmates. I view myself as a daughter of Hermes (we know the winged lad had got a few flings!), interpreted in my AU as a WW1 ace (not unlike his portrayal in Class of the Titans). I don't care if his only known son in canon is a b***ard in both senses of the word...
Quirky air ace CotT Hermes. Far better than his CH-B counterpart, the ever-stressed entrepreneur

Luke Castellan, the b***ard of Hermes (in fanon, the dashing wicked stepbrother I didn't know I had)
The idea of having a Camp Half-Blood, with Chiron for a headmaster, as well as the readings of the myths present, really dazzled me out. Yet I prefer other sagas such as Ringstetten: I'd give Camp Half-Blood a three-star rating: ***

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