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The Royal Betrothed. Such is the title of the in-universe story written by Maddie Hatter in the third story arc of my Ever After High fanon.
Essentially, it's The Princess Bride in between Lilienstiel and Wonderland, with most of the cast as themselves.
The cast roster is as following:
  • Charles Liddell: Himself, young master of the estate (Buttercup)
  • Sophia Eleanor von Lilienstiel: Herself, foundling maidservant/Lady in Black (Westley)
  • Jamie Hook: Himself as the Dreaded Captain Hook (Roberts) (ghost character)
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hearts: Herself as Queen of Wonderland (Humperdinck)
  • Cerise Hood: Herself as the brawn of the kidnapper trio (Fezzik)
  • Sparrow Hood: Himself as the avenger of the kidnapper trio (Íñigo Montoya)
  • Lutwidge Liddell: Himself as the brains of the kidnapper trio (Vizzini)
  • Bill the Lizard and his mate: The ROUS/Reptiles of Unusual Size (Rodents of Unusual Size)
  • Fitzwilliam Scarlet: Himself as the eleven-fingered Chancellor/General of Wonderland (Chancellor Count Rügen)
  • Ruby Rabbit: Herself as the albino bunny in the dungeon (albino in the dungeon)
  • Gerhard Ekelöf and Kyllikki Valkoinen: Themselves as Miracle Gerhard and his wife Kylli (Miracle Max and his wife Valerie).

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