miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014


Remember AU! Belle's brothers Tristan, Jean-Baptiste, and Maxime?
Finally, I've found a pic of them.

"Robert, Stannis, and Renly?" NO!
JB, Tris, and Max in civilian attire. All three appear to be wielding rapiers (the story is set in the nineteenth century, if their garb hasn't given you a clue).

Now the question is whether they will join the French Army (in consonance with the Beaumont tale, in which they are "gone to the army", "partis pour l'armée"!). If so, I will post pictures of them in blue and white as soon as I get them. If not, I will eat a lemon! (I am serious!)
Whicl leads us to AUII! Belle's brother-in-law Claude, and whether he will enlist (said lemon warning applies as well).

The film will air in Spain on the 14th/15th of March...

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