domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014


Erik (like Cassio, he is based upon Loras Tyrell,
but I made him blond).
Hilda (another Anna expy)
Erik in bridal attire (since breastplates could be found on
Pocoyize, I realized I had to do this cast and that of Othello)
Hilda in bridal gown
Mary Elinore (sic!) The red gown comes from a
portrait of her.

The Queen of Sweden in her mourning dress
Gustavus Adolphus, in his trademark doublet

Tilly (looks like the real one): had he served the right cause...
Wallenstein: either kaiser or nothing!
Pappenheim. Gottfried zu Pappenheim.
I do much more than stand by Tilly or Wallenstein as a
decoration: I'm second in command!
The elusive Lorelei
If you want to know which exciting story these characters are from, you can download it here:

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