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The Big Four refers, in the fan community, to crossovers between Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Merida (of Brave fame) and Hiccup (of Dragons fame). It is also known as Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. The advent of Frozen last winter saw an extension as the Big Five or Big Six, in Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons. A great number of AUs, or Alternate Universes, exist:
Game of Thrones AU. Fitting mottos, aren't they?
Camp Half-Blood AU. Hiccup = son of Hephaestus. Jack= son of Hermes/Boreas.
Merida= Hunter/Lieutenant of Artemis. Rapunzel = daughter of Apollo.

Seasons' Guardians: Rapunzel-spring-creativity, Merida-summer-courage,
Hiccup-autumn-change, Jack-winter-fun

Adult Season Guardians (plus Toothless)
The best looking picture of the Season Guardians I could find
Another good picture of the Season Guardians, plus Toothless
Benders AU. Rapunzel's got pretty long tresses for an Air Nomad novice, but still...
Hogwarts AU. If you wonder, Hiccup's a Hufflepuff and Jack's a Slytherin.
Don't they look good in uniform?
Hogwarts AU: A nap in the courtyard, between lessons.
Here, Jack's and Hiccup's ties can be seen.
Another Hogwarts picture (with Short-haired!Rapunzel), which showcases their personalities

Above: with Living!Jack and Long-haired!Rapunzel.
Below: with Undead!Jack and Short-haired!Rapunzel.
Beauxbatons students Elsa and Anna (Hogwarts AU)

Another popular AU's basic premise:

The Big Four as pirates of the Caribbean...
...in the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century.
In Frozen Tangled Guardians, also known as
Rise of the Frozen Tangled Daughters...
...Jack and Rapunzel are the parents of Anna and Elsa.

My own review:
I support Jackunzel (JackxRapunzel) and Mericcup (MeridaxHiccup), and I have even created a pair of AUs myself. One is a 30YW AU (with all of the leading cast minus Rapunzel on the Protestant side, and based loosely on The Ringstetten Saga), there is a Nazi AU (French Resistance involved, and Eugene as its leader)...
There is a third AU I have created, a sequel featuring the Frozen Tangled Guardians (Jack + Rapunzel = Anna & Elsa) and Epic Brave Dragons (Hiccup + Merida = MK & Nod) continuities, which casts the original Season Guardians' children as their respective successors. Anna = Guardian of Spring/Innocence. Nod = Guardian of Summer/Daring. Mary Katherine = Guardian of Autumn/Knowledge. Elsa = Guardian of Winter/Passion.
I give this extended universe five stars *****

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  1. Jelsa and Eugeunezel fucking rule. I respect Jackunzel but Elsa and Anna as their daughters Is fucking stupid