lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


The ending of Dokidoki Precure didn't leave me indifferent...

Alice Yotsuba has been lately seen on the war path!
Her frenmity with Rayna Fivestarr became a constant theme.

Frenemy mine (maybe more than frenemies?)...
We even got to see Mrs. Yotsuba (in the company of her spouse)... So that's where Alice got her looks from!

The Aguri/Regina feud kept on raging. Being the two halves of a broken heart, either light or dark to win the last stand, kind of helped.
Self-centered, spoiled, stubborn Regina...
...suddenly felt a twinge in her heart...
...awakening to purity.
While Aguri, wise beyond her years...
...overcame her flaw (she had hitherto hated carrots)...
...and reconciled with her foster nan, upon learning that she was a foundling.

The royal family was finally reunited, though Marie-Anne's split into Aguri and Regina had become irreversible (poor Jonathan! Couldn't he have two fiancées at once?)

With peace finally returning and the Trump Kingdom connected to Earth, it comes as no surprise that the impact of last year's royal abdications is perceived.
The Yotsuba Consortium has been the first Earth organization to have an affiliate in the Trump Republic.
Jonathan has become the first president of the modernized Trump Republic. Will he get over Marie-Anne with so much to do as head of state?

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