viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014


Aside from The Royal Betrothed (The Princess Bride), Madeline Hatter has written a story titled Disloyalty (Othello), before The Royal Betrothed, in my EAH AU. Starring Charles and Sophia once more, this fic shifts into an atypical Elegant Gothic style, way darker than that of the previous parody. Cue an unexpected twist ending!

  • Charles Liddell as Othello
  • Sophia Eleanor of Lilienstiel as Desdemona
  • Lutwidge Liddell as Iago
  • Rainer Leutnant as Roderigo
  • Blondie Lockes as Emilia
  • Laurent des Lauriers as Cassio
  • Mireille de Myrthe as Bianca
  • Ruby Rabbit as a Herald
  • Madeline Hatter as the plucky narrator, a French maid, and a "Magical Space Angel", who lands with her flying teacup on Earth and resurrects all the slain in the end.

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