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Released in the UK, both written and drawn by London-based mangaka Ryuta Osada, based upon Shakespeare's tragedy, in characterization and plot faithful to the original Othello:

Desdemona from up close...

DROWN YOURSELF MY ASS! Drown kittens instead...

That lieutenancy was MINE BY RIGHT...!

Iago asking Othello if he is already married?

Preparations for the war council.
Notice the size difference between Othello (dark-skinned angel),
Iago (the girly one, who looks like a one-eyed Franz Liszt),
and kawaii (childish-cute) Lieutenant Cassio.

Iago convinces other officers: "He'd be the perfect lieutenant if he just stayed sober.
 I do love Cassio, and I wish to help him".
Speak of the lieutenant... and he appears (pursuing Roderigo, a German Shepherd/Werewolf)

As Cassio sobers up, Iago resorts to reverse psychology once more.
Soon, Othello is convinced of Desdemona's "true" colours.
Is she faithful or isn't she?

Upon seeing Cassio with Desdemona's kerchief, his fiancée/girlfriend Bianca snaps! The young lieutenant is drawn with childish features, to emphatize his innocence. This banter reminds me of Kenny and Emma in Much Ado...
A sarcastic, sensible Emilia advising Desdemona (notice her cute face!).
A colourized illustration of the climactic scene. She is pleading for mercy,
but her spouse won't listen...
A much more dramatic scene: the point of no return (notice the cut to black!)...

Osada-sama showing an autographed sketch of his feminine, yet detached, Iago.
The great general. Othello is one of two winged characters in the manga, aside from
the only dark-skinned one (the wings symbolizing his otherness).
When corrupted by Iago, his white "angelic wings" gradually turn gray,
until they finally become black "raven wings".
The suit of armour he wears, and his stalwart frame, give the impression
of a veteran general.
The lady fair. Desdemona is blond, elegant, innocent, pure: in short,
the way Shakespeare imagined her. She makes a nice couple with Othello,
doesn't she?

The young lieutenant. Cassio has the air of a cute-looking teenager,
 whose light frame betrays a low threshold for ethanol, and whose childish
features betray his loyalty and innocence.
He looks more like a cleric than like a military officer,
if not for the ponytail.

The clever maid. A dark-haired and bespectacled Emilia resembling Mary Poppins,
fittingly enough. She is far more sensible and sarcastic than Desdemona. Like Othello,
she has wings... only that hers aren't feathered, but butterfly wings.

The plucky wench. In making Bianca a redhead, Osada has completed the hair colour
trio with the female cast. That plucky personality and those pigtails remind
me of Pippi Lângstrump. She acts mostly as comic relief, her
relationship with Cassio, second to Othello and Desdemona,
also being affected by Iago's lies.
Though she doesn't wish for the lieutenant's death...
The spurned suitor. It struck me to see Roderigo as a German Shepherd-like
werewolf. But then, I got used to the concept...
The outpost setting has become a futuristic spaceport.
 Here, you can see the whole leading cast in colour.

Iago and Roderigo, either drowning their sorrows or during the kegger scene.

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