lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


So far, the tenth season of Pretty Cure has me as wired as Dokidoki last year, for a few weighing reasons:

  •  Mirrors and queens: there are a good queen (called Snow White/Himelda!), a wicked queen/usurper (regent or invader?) (with a paid harem of male floozies!) and magic mirrors by the dozen, used by both heroes and villains alike.
  • Queen Mirage of the Illusory Empire on her throne.  Never before had I seen a villainess with a paid harem in a fictional work not of my creation. Personally, I love the paid harem trope, but it bothers me that most harems in fiction have one alpha male and all-female floozies. Why not an LGBT paid harem, or one with an alpha female and male floozies? (I have explored both possibilities. Wallenstein's state table, the court of Gustavus III and that of Catherine the Great in The Ringstetten Saga!)... The "floozies" here could be dressed in a more provocative way, to fit the sugary and cute-looking throne room.

  • Himelda with her guardian and her pet. A cute and absent-minded royal everygirl, innocent to contrast with Mirage.
  • A close-up of Mirage with her tear-shaped beauty mark. Am I not the only one to imagine a star-crossed relationship with Blue (Hime's guardian)?
  • Looking between her hands, at both Blue (to the right!) and a magic mirror (to the left!). Is she, like Regina, good at heart (but corrupted to believe she must be "the fairest of them all)? Blue seems to act like the "huntsman" or "good chancellor" in this fairy tale, by taking the princess to Earth to keep her safe...
  • Monsters of the Victims: Did the Toei folks hear my prayer? Though the generals strap the victims to coffin-shaped magic mirrors, rendering them unconscious before turning them into "saiakus" (or "terribads", in English). I will miss the jikochus'/selfcenters' creation by perverting an impulsive wish (general whispers in left ear: "I WILL MAKE YOUR WISH COME TRUE!", snaps fingers, victim's black heart bursts out of chest). 
  • The victim of the first episode, strapped by Namakerda to a dim coffin-shaped mirror. If the villains (like in Dokidoki) show no scruples when it comes to hurt a child, that gives an idea of their ruthlessness.
  •  Great generals: Fortunately, the rather lame creation process of human-based monsters is compensated by the character design of the Illusory Empire generals themselves. So far, we have seen Namakelder/Namakerda, who looks like a green-haired Victorian gent (with an overcoat, top hat, and cane)... aside from a Nazi-like military man (with a badass expression on his face), a parasolled lolita, and an aloof young redhead:
  • Namakelder (also spelled Namakerda), "Gerhard", and "Loulou"
    (I give the other two generals fan nicknames until get to I know their
     real names. Remember that I called Valdis "Katla"?) Ah, and pardon
    me if "Loulou" has her face obscured by kanji!
    The cool redhead, who may betray Queen Mirage (or not?). "Erik?" "Konrad"? "Ramsay"? Finding a fan nickname for him is tricky! I can't pick only one of these three... Perhaps just "Red", since he looks like an aloof Blue...

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