domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014


The name of the female general in Happiness Charge Precure (the lolita in pink with the parasol), hitherto known by my fan nickname "Loulou" (much like "Katla"/Valdis), has been finally revealed in this week's episode. So, from this day on, we will refer to her as Hoshiiwa:
"Let them eat cake", she says,
just like Marie Antoinette...
From left to right: Namakerda, Hoshiiwa, Queen Mirage, "Gerhard" (provisory fan nickname),
 and the Mirror Mirror (yes, the Queen consults it like in the fairytale).
All five came out of this accidentally opened casket (Who did it? Let's follow the series to find out),
in a rather Pandora-like manner.
Introduced with the speaking sobriquet "the wealthy lady who yearns for all", taking delight in muggles' despair (in her own words, it's "the sweet that tastes the best")... She can turn despair into sweets, that she relishes while listening to her victims' cries of despair: "This is when I, the wealthy lady Hoshiiwa, feel the most happy!" In other words, this wench is Schadenfreude personified! As such, she is more than just a looker (violet eyes and whitish curls... and her Lolita dress!)...
Thus, it should not be tolerated to mess up her teatime... In spite of not being aggressive at all, she's one drama queen!
Some more Hoshiiwa pics (because she's so so!):

Slightly scared

Evil laugh


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