sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016


25th of November - International Day Against Gender Violence
2016 - Fourth Centennial of Shakespeare

Sandra Dermark's contribution:


Ah, Your Ladyship, my sweet summer child,
at least you have understood
"how wonderful is the power of love,"
that men are all cowards
and we are the stronger sex...
The rain falls for all and the same grass is green
for the sergeant's wife and the warlord's,
for the mother of a stillborn and for a broken maiden...
Listen; I envied you before these days
because I once was just like you,
before reality set in...
and now, 'tis your own eyes that have been opened
and you have become like me,
stars turned to scars, kisses turned to pains,
spring flowers turned to autumn rains...
My sweet Lady Desdemona,
discarded like a broken doll
whose owner has grown weary...
at last you understand
what life is like,
what love is like...
and thus, come what may,
I by your side will stay,
giving my limbs, my blood, my heart,
even this senseless life I lead
for your sake.
Because you are my tether to hope.

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