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After "The Queen Beyond the Wall" and "Not Today!", our blog will host a third Westeros fairytale for Christmas (this is becoming a tradition, after all). This time, we get our first Grimm tale done as a Jaimienne story of hope lost and regained.

"While the Sun and Moon Endure" is the story of a man who lost it all: fame, fortune, friends, family, hope, courage, and his sword-hand. When sinister strangers save his life on the battlefield, he enters a covenant with them: never to groom himself, smile or laugh, shed any tears or say any prayers to any gods, for seven years and seven days. Neither must he take off his bear-skin coat. As a result, his dexter hand grows back, now made of solid gold, and his pockets are always full of gold dragons. Yet, due to his hideous appearance and odour, he becomes far more of an outsider than after he was crippled.
After helping a lord's widow with three daughters out of dire straits, Lady Catelyn offers the bear-skinned man one of her daughters in marriage. While Arya jeers and Sansa is frightened, Brienne agrees to her (adoptive) mother's wishes, seeing a heart of gold beyond the filthy skin. And thus, when they have to part ways, she gives Jaime the sun half of her sun-and-moon locket, the only keepsake she has from her real parents, keeping the moon for herself, as a token of their promise... Will Jaime and Brienne see one another again?


  • Jaime Lannister as our hero ("Bärenhäuter").
  • Brienne of Tarth as our heroine
  • Roose Bolton as the mysterious stranger (man in green)
  • Qyburn as a military surgeon
  • Catelyn Stark as our heroine's (adoptive) mother
  • Sansa Stark as our heroine's (adoptive) sister
  • Arya Stark as our heroine's (adoptive) sister
  • The Lannisters as our hero's hard-hearted family
  • The Bear of Harrenhal as herself

PS. This story makes reference to the Bolt-On theory that Roose Bolton may be the Night's Prince (the estranged child of the Night's King and Queen) and that he needs a younger vessel to rejuvenate every now and then (think Orochimaru), with the implication that he wants Jaime as his next vessel.

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