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Just an Iassio smut story I found on the Web and would like to post. For, having already found some awesome TSQ-IV illustrations, why not round it up with my queer Shakespearean OTP?

OTHELLO - The Way Shakespeare Really Wanted It


Iago, being the scheming vulture that he was, had not the will to withstand his own passionate lust. He desired Cassio--that smooth, silky body laced with muscle. The long black hair that he so often envisioned himself running his hands through. And those eyes! What innocence and wonder were locked on those honey eyes. How unexpected and sudden his attack would be, like a wolf preying on an unsuspecting deer.

Yes, he was going to get Cassio drunk, presumably for other frivolous and unimportant reasons that he made up as excuses. He couldn’t care less about his lieutenancy, for that was one of the cover ups. He was supposedly going to get Cassio drunk so that the latter could start a brawl with Roderigo and hopefully Montano, thus stripping him of his lieutenancy when witnessed by Othello. But how trivial was that job to him, slaving like a madman and not getting nearly enough pay. They only thought he wanted Cassio’s position, when in fact he wanted to try a number of positions with him.

“Have us another cup,” said Iago, his eyes lighting up with an artificial intoxication. He needed to be absolutely sober in order to have complete control over the situation (and Cassio) and yet he did not want to arouse suspicion that he was the only sober one in the company.

“Ayy, mary, I do think I’ve had enough. Look! My lips are beginning to burn from it,” replied Cassio.

“What nonsense! Not nearly enough.” He ordered another cup of ale from the counter and thrust it into his victim’s hand.

“Drink!” He exclaimed, raising up his arms. “Drink or I shall see to’t that you are escorted from these merriments. The door is there, and only this special water shall save you from exiting through it.

Cassio brought the cup to his lips and took a sip. He could not help feeling controlled by Iago. He gulped down the entire drink in a matter of a few seconds and laid it down heavily upon the table, catching his breath.

“Ahh! That was good. The finest place in town. Why are you looking on me like that?”

“Like what?” Asked Iago.

“Forgive me. I am probably just a drunkard rambling on about nonsense. His speech was slurred, slow and greatly impaired, which made it even better. He was at the point of a heavy intoxication, which was working quite well for the cunning Iago.

“Methinks your eye looks on me with lust!” Cried Cassio, laughing.

“It does no such thing, you drunken fool! You had almost seven cups.”

“Oh, but it is bright and lustrous,” replied Cassio, waving his head to and fro, his locks disshevelled. “Much like the eye of Jove. Are you perhaps in love with me, Iago?”

At this Iago blushed. “Oh, please! You silly buffoon,” he laughed, trying to conceal his nervousness.

“Well, if thou art, thou art better inform me so that I shall tell my lovely wife Emilia to divorce me.”

“That would work wuite well,” Iago murmured to himself.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing.”

Cassio looked at Iago with glazed eyes, and he was hanging onto consciousness by a thread. A little more and he would be on the brink of a blackout.

“I feel much to hoot,” he said, for the liquor was heating him up.

“Come,” replied Iago, seeing this as a chance and moving closer to him, “let me unbutton your shirt.” He undid Cassio’s white shirt so that his bare chest was showing, and he felt his groin growing hot. He touched the smooth skin with his index finger.

“Hey, what are you doing, my dear fellow?” Was Cassio’s response to this, but he was so drunk that he didn’t really even take note of what Iago was doing to him.

“I think we should go upstairs to the room, Cassio. You are not well. The drink hath seized you in her grip. You will get some sleep, no?” He took Cassio under his arm and dragged the poor fool to the empty room, where there stood only a bed.

“Now, thought Iago, feeling the excitement pulsing through his veins,” I shall finally get what I wanted all this time.” He threw Cassio onto he bed, who was by that time so tipsy that he simply lay there and stared at the ceiling, and gently removed his shirt. He felt a surge of pleasure shoot through him like quicksilver, a shiver down his spine, when he saw the muscular chest and chiselled stomach staring up at him, inviting him.

Cassio arose and sat up. “What are you doing?” He said, with a look of horror on his face.

“Shh, it’s okay. Everything’s okay. Just lie back like a good little boy.” He pushed Cassios’ arms back so that he would not escape, but the latter’s strength was surprisingly immense. A gleam of something golden just underneath the bed caught his eye, and he looked to see that it was a piece of rope. “How convenient.” Using the dagger in his belt, he quickly cut the rope in half. Then, he tied Cassios’ arms to the bed posts using each half. The situation itself was already arousing him.

“What are you doing!” Cassio kept yelling, while struggling to break free from the ropes. Iago gently swept his hand over the frightened man’s face.

“What I’ve always dreamt of doing.” He placed his hand on Cassio’s chest and felt his heart racing madly. He went down with his hannds, running them over the hard stomach, and then he undid Cassio’s pants. Playing with his manhood and pulling it in swift jerking motions, he could hear soft moans coming from Cassio, and his stomach moved up and down with Iago’s movement. Iago put his mouth on Cassio’s chest, kissed it and licked it up and down. There was something quite surprising about the situation--Cassio seemed to be enjoying himself. He was moaning even louder now as Iago’s hold on him became stronger and the motions more violent.

“Oh! Oh!” He cried. Iago decided it was time to do more. He removed Cassio’s pants and undergarments so that he was completely naked and arose to look at the nude man. But Cassio made him come down again by saying “No! Don’t stop!” Iago took off his own pants and undergarments and found that his manhood was ripe and ready for action. He trhust it into Cassio as vioently and heavily as he possibly could, sitting upright, and both gave an extremely loud groan, one that reverbated against the walls. He did it once more, and again a moan uttered from Cassio’s lips, who was now in a state of euphoria with his head and his eyes rolling back. “Do it!” He cried. “Oh, honest Iago” And just as Cassio demanded, Iago continued to thrust it I, moaning, harder and faster, until he felt he had reached his climax. The two men brought their faces close together, and Iago was now lying directly on top of Cassio, their sweaty bodies trembling with pleasure. Iago went for the rope. “Will you be a good boy now and not try to run away?” He whispered.

“Yes, master,” said Cassio, a smirk on his face. Iago untied the ropes and once Cassio was free he found himself being attacked by Cassio and his brute strength. His body was being pushed downward against the bed, and in no time Iago himself was in the position he had previously put Cassio in--with his hands tied to the bedposts. His naked body lay against the bed sheets, and short gasps of breath were uttering from his lips.

“Whose the master now?” Whispered Cassio into Iago’s ear, the latter smirking at this remark and slightly blushing. 

“It seems you have overcome me,” he replied. “And I love it.”

“I’ll say, you’l love it even more when you find out what I’m going to do to you.” Cassio flung his body onto Iago’s and inserted his manhood into him, both men moaning with such pleasure that someone outside could have heard. They continued in this way, faster and faster, their bodies moving frantically to the beat of a synchopated rhythm and Iago tugging at the ropes as if he would explode from the pleasure. While they were doing this, their mouths interlocked, and Iago felt Cassio’s hot breath mingle with his own, their tongues becoming one twisted helix. Cassio licked Iago’s neck and then moved down his chest, caressing it with both hands, Iago moaning.

----------------------Meanwhile, downstairs.------------------------

“Ay, my good Moor, you have finally arrived!” Cried the bartender. “Some ruckus is ensuing upstairs. I have heard strange noises.”

“Strange noises, you say?” Asked Othello curiously. “What kind?”

“I’d rather not even proclaim my suspicions of what they are for you will think my mind in the gutter.”

“Nonsense. Tell me.”

“There is some sort of, ah, sexual encounter.”

“How now! That is only the case? I thought it be something much worse.”

“Oh, it is.”

“What mean you by that?

“’Tis not a sexual encounter in the traiditional sense, as in a man and a woman.”

“Then a man and a man?” Asked Othello, his eyes widening with surprise. 
“Ayy, sir,” replied the bartender, shuddering.

“I must go up there and check what is going on.” 

------------------------In the room.--------------------

“Cassio! Cassio!” Iago cried, feeling the man inside of him, moving around and writhing like a serpent. His body felt like a temple, a temple filled with pleasurable things. He trembled from the experience, and just as he was about to scream again, someone walked in. The moment the two heard the door handle turning, Cassio ceased doing what he was doing and simply sat there on Iago’s midsection, looking horrified and surprised. When he witnessed the Moor enter, he felt as though his life had just been crushed and reduced to nothing. It was over. Everything. His lieutenancy, his friendship with the Moor, his reputation. He was going to be known now as the flaming homosexual, and who knows? They might torture him for such sins or even kill him. 

Iago was surprised, but careless nevertheless, feeling indifferent to the situation. He was happy that he had attained his goal, and that was all that mattered. He was nothing to Othello anyway, and Othello was nothing to him, perhaps just a sodden hunk of man that decided to pick a less suitable person to the position of lieutenancy. A knowing and twisted smirk played upon his lips, and his eyes sparkled with laughter.

Othello walked in and did something very surprising that neither Cassio or Iago could never anticipate. He walked over to the bed and said “may I join in?”

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