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Let Liz explain:

Isaac explains that he's got no male students.
-classes are gender seggregated
-wizarding schools are seggregated (i.e. there is an all-guy school as well)

JUNE: It's a plane?
KAY: It's a pegasus!!

Yes, it's a pegasus. It's not Supergrover.

Oh, Loretta and the Little Mer-Trio were back for the arc finale ;)


To break the ice, the Supplementary Mates give a rundown of the Headmaster's Seven Mysteries: pretty much "How do I even begin to explain Regina George?" style:

KAY: Why don't we discuss the Seven Mysteries of the Headmaster?

JUNE: One: his age. Just how fricking old is the Headmaster?
Two: No one has ever seen him using magic.

KAY (sinister): Three: Wherever he is, a female voice can be heard around.
(Is she referring to Cathy [the crystal ball], to Kanoko, or to someone else?)
Four: It is unusual that he prefers bitter coffee.
(In fact, the Head' relishes coffee so strong that it makes Isaac wince)

Five: he can cast an ikemen aura to which muggle girls flock.

Kanoko, for an example. She even gave him treats blushing, with her eyes shut!

Six: there is a confidential wing of the Wizarding School library to which only he has got access.

Seven: only he can open this Art Nouveau door in the campus gardens.
Beyond this door, the cour (arc) finale battle of the Headmaster and Cures vs. Dokuroxy has recently taken place.

The first things I have to say concern the cadres of the show:
Batty, Spidra, and Turtlets, just like the Eye Trio in Sailormoon SuperS (Hawkeye, Tigerseye, and Fisheye) are actually non-human animals given humanoid form. Now purified, all three have reverted.

Heart-nosed Batty <3

Spidra in her original arachnid form...

...and Turtlets as a terrapin.

Dokuroxy's true gender is revealed: it's a guy!!!
Not only is Dokuroxy confirmed to be a he, but also a former friend of the Headmaster's, corrupted and turned to the dark side.
On the Headmaster's left/sinister side, Kushe, the one who would be Dokuroxy.
He was tempted to use the Forbidden Arts, could not control such power, was struck down and left for dead... and subsequently corrupted by the dark force he had unleashed...


Friendship? No. Rather bromance.

The Headmaster and Kushe could not be closer to one another.

Then everything changed when they found out about the Linkle stones,
(Besides, currently: #All12LinklesConfirmed!!!)

Kushe detached himself from his more than best friend...

...and spent many a night studying for clues to find the Linkle stones...

...even resorting to the Forbidden Arts.

From then onwards, he would never be the same...

Dokuroxy's Dark Spellbook

Notice their hair and attire, as well as the symbolism of left and right.

And yes, one of them has got darkness powers while the other has light powers. Even their sorcerer attire contrasts.
Dokuroxy and the Headmaster are like Hamlet and Laertes, Iago and Cassio, Stalin and Trotsky...
I’ll be your foil, Laertes. In mine ignorance
your skill shall, like a star i' th' darkest night,
stick fiery off indeed.

A purified Kushe, having finally come to his senses.

Which means... we've got another corrupted good-guy-at-heart brainwashed by the Entity Behind the Man (a concept that never gets old, and that, in Pretty Cure series, has been retold left and right).

Ha-chan is also supposed to grow and become a new flower-themed green Cure in pink (the only thing missing is for her to be royalty). At last she has become a Cure and reached adolescence :)

Ha-chan's muggle name is to be revealed.
Bonus if it is:
-a plant name (Iris, Élodie, Linnéa, Primrose...)
-Hannah (homophone of "hana")

Her Precure name has been leaked since springtime as Cure Felice (Italian pronunciation, "fe-LII-che," meaning "happy").

UPDATE: Ha-chan's muggle name is finally confirmed as Kotoha Hanami (like always, I put the name in Western order, given name first). The surname sounds to me like "flowerspotting," i.e. having a springtime picnic under cherry blossoms... yet the final -mi is written with the kanji for "ocean" (花海, "flower ocean"; homophone of 花見, "flowerspotting"; both pronounced "hanami"). It's a pun, to sum it up. Her given name Kotoha (ことは) is meaningless yet a homophone of "kotoba", i.e. "word." Her full name is a reference to the language of flowers, or "hanakotoba." Which means that it's, at heart, is a string of puns.

Oh, and the Headmaster's real-life form is revealed to be a centuries-old Dumbledore- or Gandalf-like character with a wise old mentor beard to boot:
Nearly all classical-style mentors in Fictionland have got long white flowing beards.

Gecko survived the defeat and purification of Dokuroxy, so now he'll be working as right-hand lizard to this ogre guy...

This ogre guy... "Lustucru" (real name unknown)
We already got an ogre in Smile!, the dumb muscle with the convenient name of Akaoni (literally "Redogre": the Netflix English dub calls him Brute). But he was mostly the stupid fat henchman. This ogre looks far more sinister...
So can this be the Entity Behind the Man... or yet another pawn of the real-life dramatic evil in store?

Fanart of today: "Curiosity Can Kill"

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  1. Oh, I've been lagging a lot on the blog 'cause of
    1) translating Monkey Nuts for a publishing company
    2) doing my thesis on Verdi's Otello in German
    3) exams

    but now all that is a thing of the past...

  2. Oh, and by the way, here is my comment on the Netflix dub (watching it for curiosity, and to find out how it translates Japanese cultural references)

    So far:
    Westernized names of the five-girl band:
    -Miyuki (ditzy fool Usagi expy, pink): Emily
    -Akane (Rainbow Dash tomboy, red and orange): Kelsey
    -Yayoi (shy artist, Fluttershy girl, yellow): Lilly
    -Nao (Applejack tomboy, green): April
    -Reika (class president, mature noblewoman, Rarity+Twilight, blue): Chloe
    Cadre names:
    Wolfrun: Ulrich
    Akaoni: Brute
    Majolina: Bruja
    (pretty fitting so far for a werewolf, ogre, and wicked witch)

    1. -Märchenland: Jubiland
      -Royal Queen of Märchenland: Euphoria (given a name)
      -Pop and Candy (the lion and the lamb) retain their original names
      -the Realm of Bad Endings: the Shadowrealm
      -Pierrot (evil overlord): Nogo (sounds pretty kitsch)
      -The Joker (the Starscream): the Rascal (maybe 'cauze there is only ONE Joker in Western pop culture)
      -akanbe (monsters of the object): buffoons

  3. Akane the Kansaiko: how has Kels been translated?
    Possible accents to translate Kansaiben:
    -In Spain: Andalusian
    -In Sweden: Gothenburg
    -In Germany: Saxon or Bavarian
    -most Anglophone series use Texan or Southern US accent

    -Okonomiyaki episode: pizza. Kelsey's family runs a pizzeria.
    -Owarai episode: will be cut as well
    -Trip to Kyoto: cut as well from the dub
    -Brian episode: Brian will be turned into a German, Frenchman, or Scandinavian to keep the language barrier.

    1. -Old district of Kyoto (field trip): turned into living history museum
      -Kels's accent: she speaks standard English: they should have given her a Texan or (preferently) Aussie/Kiwi accent.

  4. So it's pretty much a 4Kids-style dub. Westernize names, even those that sound the most Occidental (Droite and Gauche -> Dextra and Nistro) and Westernize every single reference to Asian cultures (riceballs/onigiri turned into triangular sandwiches or popcorn balls).
    Even though 4Kids have done great things (ZeXal being the foremost!!!), they f**ked up MewMew, One Piece, Kirby, Muscleman, and oh so many anime series more.