viernes, 22 de diciembre de 2017


Story the Twenty-Second:
Queen of Cups
The Selkie Wife
A sealskin, or swan wings, or a hagoromo shawl, left on the ground next to a maiden. A young man spots such a precious sight and woos her.
Or he bends at a lake to quench her burning thirst, and she pops out of the crystal-clear freshwaters, but only up to the waist. Or he meets her at the village dance, dressed in a long-skirted gown. Gods know why, but she insists that he should never see her from the waist downwards.
Maybe she has webbed feet, like those of a duck or a frog. Maybe she is a nagini, a female naga, serpent from the waist downwards. Maybe she has really shapely, beautiful human legs from toes to thighs, but in between a cunt full of teeth, sharp rows of glistening incisors and fangs smirking within the labia (the lips of the nether region).
The fear of the toothy cunt among men is as justified as that of the piercing rod among women.
The hard rod that pierces and tears maidenheads, the mouthlike cunt that devours throbbing raw male members, both of these are interchangeable. Both males and females feel this irrational dread towards sexual intercourse.

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