martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017


Story the Twelfth:
Two of Swords -
The Fire Prince and the Ice Princess

All children in Westeros know the story. The way their septas have told them already in the cradle. The way mummers perform it on stage. The tale of the damsel and the dragon, and of the hero who slew the aforementioned reptilian beast, a bloodthirsty three-headed scarlet monster, by crushing the heart within its ribcage.
When they come of age, however, some children will be confronted with the truth about what happened in real life. Which is completely different from the storybook version.
For starters, the dragon was not a dragon. At least he was no three-headed, bloodthirsty reptilian beast.

They were as different as fire and ice, yet, in spite of their Stark (and Targaryen) difference in temperament, quite unexpectedly, right when his periwinkle orbs and her irises grey as steel exchanged a sudden glance,

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